8L UV Tool Ozone Disinfection Cabinet Machine


  1. Can be used for towels, scissors, nail tools, beauty tools sterilizing.
  2. Adopts high temperature disinfection, keep your tool hygienic and avoid infection
  3. Temperature control function, free temperature control, to prevent excessive temperature burns
  4. The whole machine is easy to operate, easy to learn and use.
  5. Good sterilization effect, safe and secure.


This UV sterilizer provides thorough sterilization of manicure/pedicure instruments, electrodes, cupping glasses, brushes, sponges, scissors and all other accessories. It is also a great way to store of the cleaned articles in a sterilized environment. It is widely used in hair salon, nail salon, sauna shop, hotel, etc. Disinfection easily at any time.
Sterilization object: Comb,toothbrush,towel,garment,mobile phone,kitchen supplies, & hair equipment,medical appliances,clinical thermometer,hairpiece,etc.


The physical process combining ultraviolet UV principle and optical principle, it has functions of oxidation, coagulation, sterilization, etc
UV and ozone double sterilization, no residue, more thorough
Suitable for professional salon, hotel, spa, gym and home use
No secondary pollution, efficient and mild, safer and more thorough.
Designed to disinfect the nail tools, as well as for cleaning, such as scissors and towel.


Material: plastic shell (aluminum liner, stainless steel frame)
Disinfection machine size: 30 * 28 * 22(cm)
Outer packing size: 34.5 * 33 * 27.5(cm)
Net weight: 3.3KG
Gross weight: 4.2KG


1 * UV Sterilizer Box

UV-tool ozone-sterllizer health-care salon-use


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