7 Colors Photon Face Cleansing Device Home Use


  1. Best Choice for Skin Makeover
  2. Ultrasonic Facial Cleanse &Exfoliat
  3. 4 Sonic Vibration and Nutrition Import Modes
  4. 7 Colors LED Photon Light Therapy


SN9 ultrasonic facial cleanser with 3 millions of microwaves gives the greatest facial treatment. The high sonic pulse frequency causes water to mix with dirt, oil, or makeup residues, etc. Strong vaporization with strong vibration then removes the harmful substances gently. Low ultrasonic pulse massage with led photon therapy improves blood flow, enhance collagen rebirth, and refreshes skin’s elasticity.

Ultrasonic Facial Cleanse&Exfoliate&Import

SN9 ultrasonic facial cleanser goes deep into the clogged pores, with creative play, curvy design, unique concave ultrasonic probe vibrates at a high frequency of 3MHz to shatter stubborn dirt in pores while at the same time activates water molecules so that it penetrates deep into the skin, brings the gunk to the surface. This unique concave design ultrasonic facial cleanser accelerates blood circulation, cleanses the stubborn clogged pores, refreshes skin!

Ultrasonic facial device vaporizes the lotion or toner eve essence with mild heating, meanwhile, the pores are opened totally after deep cleansing, anion import makes nutrition leading-in & absorption treatment easily!

LED Photon Therapy

7 Colors photon therapy with red, blue, purple, yellow, green and blue light. Multi-colors photon can improve hyperplasia of collage, enhance the inhibit inflammation, whiten, smooth, and toner skin.


– Creative play, curvy design, unique concave ultrasonic probe, more suitable for skin, featured with simultaneous cleaning and importing.
– 7 Colors led photon therapy to improve skin texture, working on dry and oily skin, say no to smudged makeup.
– 4 Ultrasonic facial modes:
consecutive mode-nutrition import, skin refresh
slow Intermittent mode- skin cleansing, nutrition import
fast Intermittent mode- gently cleansing, nutrition import
faster Intermittent mode- deep skin clean, nutrition import
– 4 LED photon flash treatment modes:
consecutive mode- tender, restore, whitening, acne skin
mono-color intermittent mode- soothing& repair skin gently
multi-color slow intermittent mode- skin whitening and balance
multi-color fast intermittent mode- enhance luminosity and resistance


Material: ABS + Stainless steel
Output: 15V 1A
Power: 15W
Treatment Frequency: 15 minutes/time
Color: White&Black
Size: 17cm(L)*7cm(W)*5cm(H)

Packing List

Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser x1
Power Cord x1
Adapter x 1
Package Box x 1

Face-Cleansing-Device photon-skin-care photon-handle Home-use-beauty-device photon-treatment facial-cleanser vibrating-facial-clean skin-rejuvenation red-light ultrasonic-facial-cleanser


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