2 IN 1 Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber Spatula Spray Moisturizer Blackhead Peeling


2 IN 1 Ultrasonic facial scrubber spatula spray moisturizer blackhead peeling remover facial pore deep cleaning homeuse

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This portable ultrasonic facial skin scrubber with spray helps skin cleanse, hydrate, increase circulation, promotes collagen production and kill bacteria with the ultrasonic vibration and mist spray function, refresh the skin and restore the skin.

Benefits of 2 IN 1 Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber

– Deep cleansing facial
Through high frequency vibration, can clean the skin deeply.The scraper helps the skin absorb nutrients and makes the skin bright, shiny and elastic.This facial skin scrubber USES a water-based exfoliation technique that must be applied to wet skin.
– Moisturize and refresh the skin
This 2 in ultrasonic facial skin scrubber with nano sprayer is used to care for the face, body, hair and other areas.
Suitable for all kinds of skin.Perfect for keeping your face hydrated and healthy.
– Restore
Masks and facial massages can irritate the skin after sunburn.Pores open or the skin feels sore and itchy.Open the product for a few minutes and the skin will quickly recover.
– Disinfection
It can be used as an automatic alcohol spray bottle for daily portable disinfection.

How To Do An Ultrasonic Exfoliation At Home?

Here’s an overview of how to properly exfoliate your home with an ultrasonic skin cleaner.
Wash your face – The first step is to wash your face thoroughly according to your daily routine. Dry your face after washing.
Wet skin – Using an ultrasonic skin scrubber on dry skin will not achieve the desired results. Wet your face with water or a cleaning toner.Keep your face moist.
Turn ON the device – press the “ON” button to turn ON the ultrasonic skin cleaner and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to select the appropriate exfoliating Settings.
We recommend using the cleansing function first, as it clears pores.
Slide the device over the skin – place the ultrasonic scrubber at a 30 degree angle to your face. Allow the scraper to slide lightly along the skin while applying slight pressure.
As you slide the scraper, the ultrasonic skin scrubber penetrates deep into your skin pores, breaking down dead skin cells, oil, dirt, blackheads, and debris.
Apply serum – When you’re done, clean and exfoliate, partially dry your face, then evenly apply toner or moisturizer.
Turn – Turn the ultrasonic facial scrubber to flatten it, gently over the humectant area until the product is fully absorbed.
We recommend that you give the skin time to recover between exfoliations. Excessive exfoliation can be harmful to the skin. Exfoliating once a week is enough to keep your skin glowing.

How Often Can I Use 2 IN 1 Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber?

There is no specific rule on how often you should use the ultrasonic scrubber, but experts recommend using the skin scraper 2 to 3 times a week for oily and insensitive skin, and 1 to 2 times a week for dry and dry skin.Sensitive skin, the main purpose is to regularly maintain, to achieve the best results.
However, remember not to use a spatula in sensitive areas of the skin, such as the lips and eyes.

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